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Gilbert, Arizona Tree Nursery

Trees look great standing in our yards but little  thought is given to the benefits they provide in Gilbert, Arizona.
Every living thing has its place in nature, without trees we'd have less variety for exterior and interior building materials, our air would be more polluted, and we wouldn't have the great fruits, nuts, and syrups we enjoy. Trees even lessen the impact of the hot sun, prying eyes, noisy streets, and gusty winds. Therefore, a landscape without trees is incomplete.

After growing trees in the soil of Gilbert, Arizona and the surrounding areas for over 60 years, the trees grown by Whitfill Nursery are proven to thrive in the desert climate.

 Don't make the mistake of planting trees that don't respond well to the harsh Gilbert, Arizona climate. Whitfill Nursery is an experienced grower-direct nursery with a family tree farm providing many varieties of trees that grow well in the desert. For whatever purpose your landscape needs, select a tree from the following types:

Shade Trees – reduce the impact of the sun and the desert heat with shade trees that make the outdoors more enjoyable with a large canopy such as those produced by Oak, Chinese Elm, or a variety of Maple trees.

Desert Trees – not every tree is meant to be grown in the harshest of climates. Desert trees can withstand the desert's harsh sun and cope with regular drought conditions. Choose from Palo Verde, Sisso, Acacia Rosewood, Ash, Ficus, and Mesquite among many others to give your garden the beauty and structure it needs without wilting under the harsh desert skies.

Citrus Trees – plant a tree that can give back more than luscious leaves to your garden. Citrus trees offer color to your outdoor environment and a wealth of delicious fruit to your recipes which are among the most popular fruit trees in warmer climates. Whitfill Nursery offers a wide selection of Grapefruit, Lemon, Valencia Orange, Tangelo, and Lime trees.

Palm Trees – whether for the fruits they provide or the characteristics of paradise that are associated with them, palm trees are a very popular tree in the desert landscape. They come in a number of varieties including Queen Palm, Mediterranean Fan, Mexican Fan, Date and Pygmy Date among others.

Flowering Trees – flowering trees add a new dimension of color to your yard beyond the common green hues that sit atop a brown trunk. With blooms in every color of the rainbow and then some, flowering trees add a unique dimension of color and scents to your outdoor environment. For a variety of lush and colorful blooms, choose among Jacaranda, Oleander, Myrtle, Palo Verde, and Hong Kong Orchid trees.
While trees are often the main attraction in any garden, plants and shrubs elevate your garden to a level that is more memorable in Gilbert, Arizona.
With plants and shrubs complementing your trees, your property will be more appealing from the ground up. We offer the following varieties:

Shrubs – offering lots of depth in a small package with many of the same characteristics trees offer, shrubs have numerous woody branches, rich green foliage and colorful blooms. Spruce up the middle ground of your property with shrubs such as Dwarf Oleander, Bougainvillea, Sage, and Lantana, which are common in the desert climate.

Tropical Plants – enjoy the perfect island vacation in your own backyard with tropical plants that add vivid color and exotic shapes to any environment. Decide among a wide variety of tropical plants including Succulents, Banana trees and Aloha Lilies among others.

Whether you are trying to create an exotic, tropical or more traditional indoor or outdoor environment, Whitfill Nursery has the plants, trees and shrubs you desire for your property.
When you visit one of Whitfill Nursery's three Valley locations, your imagination is sure to run wild with all the possibilities. Read our About Us page to learn more about Whitfill Nursery and if you have a question contact us using the form below and find out why Whitfill Nursery is “where we still do the digging”.
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